Knife maker

Knife maker

He makes all types of knives including hunting knives, fishing knives, kitchen cutlery, folders and just about any custom knife you can dream up. Each knife is handcrafted using a variety of steel and handle materials.

Keith wants to provide that favorite knife you pick up, be it a utility, hunter, camp knife, bowie, steak, or skinner. The knife designs you see here are functional, beautiful and field tested for their purpose. Keith is a master craftsman who takes great pride in his work. Born and raised in South Louisiana, he worked as a gunsmith and later owned Custom Gun Works for over 20 years.

Inhe sold the business and headed to the Hill Country. During his time at the gun shop, Keith met some experienced knife makers who gave him some pointers in knife making.

After moving to the Hill Country he was able to work on and perfect his skills in knife making. He was urged to get into the business of offering his knives for sale.

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Keith does his best to satisfy any and all who order from him. Over half my work is custom, made just as the client wants.

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From sharpening your knives to repairing an older knife, let us know what you need and we will do what we can to help. Keith takes great pride in having learned this craft, with a lot of help from dozens of people in the industry.

He strives to create knives that you will be proud to own, use, and pass down for generations. Most of his designs are created and geared for use. They are each made by hand. I still make them all by hand and one at a time but am working to complete at a time versus one.

I understand that sometimes tools break no matter how well built. If you have issues with a knife, please contact me and we can see how to get it resolved. Keith Richard, The Knife Maker.Voodoo Resins - Slab - Sunflower - 6 x 4. Voodoo Resins - Slab - Green Waves - 6 x 4. Voodoo Resins - Slab - Waves Caged - 6 x 4. Voodoo Resins - Slab - Stargazer - Luminescent - 6 x 4.

Voodoo Resins - Scales - Copper Patina - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Grape Soda - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Slab - White Caps - 6 x 4.

Voodoo Resins - Slab - Into the Mystic - 6 x 4. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Acid Trip - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Jayhawk - Luminescent - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Blueberry Cobbler - 6 x 2 x.

Voodoo Resins - Scales - Deception Caged - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Slab - Skyline - 6 x 4. Voodoo Resins - Slab - Pinecrest Silver - 6 x 4. Voodoo Resins - Slab - Wonka - Luminescent - 6 x 4. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Abyss - Luminescent - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Devils Cut - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Falcon Kraken - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Black Hole - 6 x 2 x.

Quality Knife Making Supplies

Voodoo Resins - Scales - Buckeye - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Lizzies - 6 x 2 x. Voodoo Resins - Scales - Patriot - 6.New to the knife making game? Do not panic. There are plenty of knife making supplies, online or in stores, which can help you in the produce a beauty. A knife comprises of essentially four components: a blade with tang, a guard, a handle, and a pommel optional. Sounds simple? Sometimes it can be, but for the wide range of material available that can seem like magic to a first timer.

Here, knife making kits come in handy, with their direct and easy-to-understand instructions. Not all knife making kits are the same. At Atlanta Cutlery, we understand the desire for custom knives. Thus, we offer a range of knife making supplies, including knife making kits, blade blanks and handle scales, which are as good as any in the market.

We carry the understated to the exotic. Most of the blades in our catalog are forged from high carbon stainless steel and ensure durability on top of great style. The scales, too, come in excellent material and design and are perfect for your personal project.

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We recommend that you start building your custom knife and make a personal statement that can take on the wild! View as Grid List Bone Scales - Small This set of small bone scales are a great addition to any custom knife project. The genuine bone scales polish up with unique patterns and patinas.

It also includes a leather needle and thread to stitch the leather. It also includes a leather needle and thread to stitch the leather and plastic inner sleeve sheath reinforcement. It also includes a leather needle and thread to stitch the leather, a sheath rivet and plastic inner sleeve reinforcement. Sambar stag is prized over the deer in other parts of the world as it is very hard and dense while having less marrow, making it durable with long lasting beauty.

Sold as a set of 2. Banned from import, we are fortunate to have found a supply left over in our warehouse! These Sambar stag rounds are highly prized and in short supply.

Hill Country Texas Custom Knives

Finish your next project with style and get your own before supplies run out! This is an Asiatic deer variety known for having less marrow in its antlers than North America deer, making them better suited for handle material and other home decor projects. Ordered the toothpick for a buddy, and already shopping for my next project.

My God what a beautiful blade!!! Haven't made it up or sharpened it yet. I wondered if the remainder of the tang is also Damascus. A reverse curve on a skinning knife may look good but negates a lot of the curve of the cutting edge. Look at the old and current skinning knives used by people who flay countless animals.

Reviewed by: RalphDecember 03, Review of: Skinner Kit Sharper than most factory knives, all I have to do is put thick tape on blade to protect my fingers while I work on the handle. Parts are snug, scabbard is tight, all in all an exelant knife Reviewed by: garySeptember 06, Review of: Skinner Kit I ordered one, built it with purple heart wood for handle material.

Added a brass butt one the end.Great for pinning handles, adding a decorative touch to your knife and other creative crafts. High Carbon alloy spring steel with chromium added for hardenability. It has good wear resistance. Known for outstanding toughness. Hardening capability of HRC. Typical chemistry: C. Keep your knife blade in place as you work with a hardened file guide.

This tool is useful for squaring off the shoulders of your hidden tang blade. Simply clamp your blade into the guide and hold it against a belt sander. You can also use a file guide for holding your blade while you do complex file work, file slots of guards, hand sand your blade, and more.

Get what you need when you want it! The perfect gift for anyone at any time. From Start To Finish. Lime Green. Hunter Orange. Add to Cart. Evapo-Rust - Best Rust Remover. Evapo-Rust will remove the blueing. Choose 1 Gallon 5 Gallon 8oz Gel 3.

This very fine metal powder is a mesh like talcum powder. PS is 2. FG Hardened File Guide. Top Categories. View or Download our Color Catalog Jantz catalog. Notify Me! Email me when available Subscribe to this product to receive notification once it become available. Title : Variant :.For an all-star cast of renowned custom knifemakers that is virtually unmatched, knife enthusiasts come to KnifeArt to see what kind of uniquely crafted designs the likes of Chris Reeve, Duane Dwyer, Rick Hinderer and a cast of many other luminaries have come up with.

These elite knifemakers have spent so much painstaking time fine-tuning their designs that an unparalleled array of knives combining excellent artisanship with superb craft and great construction has been the ultimate result. KnifeArt features the work of legendary craftsmen like William Henry, Brian Tighe, Ken Onion and a star-studded roster of additional quality brands.

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Custom knifemaker brings their own set of special characteristics and expert categories to the table. A lot of these knives are constructed from Damascus steel, and they all employ the best materials you can find. Savvy knife collectors will thrill to the folding knives that run the gamut from high-end showpieces to ruggedly functional field knives.

Brian Fellhoelter has established a prominent name for himself in the decade that he has been custom designing top-quality outdoor knives and garnering prestigious awards. Canadian knifemaker Kirby Lambert prides himself on creating new and innovative designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Hawaiian knifemaker Scot Matsuoka started making his own knives when he was just 9 years old, and as an adult he has continued the practice of continuously improving his workmanship and designs in an effort to achieve knives with perfect fit and finish.

Mel Pardue started making knives more than a half-century ago and has been a member of the Knifemakers' Guilt since To see the exquisite work of these and many other big name custom knife designers, visit KnifeArt and see how brilliant innovation continues to revolutionize the field with cutting-edge ideas.View all Knife Making Supplies. The performance of a knife is directly proportional to its overall construction.

Knife making is a sacred art, and there are many methods to consider. Some of the more popular methods include stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination, and investment casting. Knife Country USA carries a large selection of knife making materials and knife making supplies for any craftsman. Knife Country USA is an established online retail store that specializes in knives and knife making supplies. To ensure that our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of knife making materials from leading brands like Becker, Knife Blanks, and Jameson.

A superb megastore with an expanding product line, you can always trust Knife Country for quality and variety!

knife maker

Call us today if you need further assistance as we are here Monday through Friday for help. List all Knife Making Supplies. To get the design of your dreams, graph it first on paper. You can then narrow down to the style that you are looking to contruct. An addition plus to full tangs as it is easier to attach handles and the knife's overall is much stronger. Listed under our Knife Making Handles you will see a wide selection of handle materials.

Try to opt for stainless steel blanks if you want something that does not rust and needs less care after product. All of our blanks are heat treated and come pre-sharpened unless stated otherwise. All the knife blanks that we sell are in between thise specs.

knife maker

Cut the metal into a rectangular shape and grind it as per the blueprint. Start sanding the blade using finer grits of paper. Cut the handles into a desired shape, and drill for rivets later.

After inserting rivets, use a saw to make the final cuts and adjust the handle accordingly. Knife Making Blades Blanks. Top Selling Knife Making Supplies. Brands 5.

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Price Minimum. Price Maximum.My experience has taught me that there's nothing like digging in and getting started.

Knifemaking: Hand Forging Damascus Knife

Once I get started, it becomes a matter of problem solving and never giving up. I have some strong opinions about how a new knifemaker should get started. There are no square corners—everything is rounded, smooth and friendly.

There was no thought as to knife proportions or design principles. I had built myself a grinder, and the thrill of shaping steel drove my activity. See the related illustration. A maker starting out today has some advantages. He or she typically has access to books and magazines full of good knife designs to study and analyze. On occasion, I might even go oversize on handle length in an attempt to keep the grip from being too short.

A knife handle of this size can be used on blades that are up to a half-inch longer than the project blade. See the accompanying photo for two versions of the knife.

knife maker

The knife on the right in the photo is the full-sized project knife, and on the left is a computer-enhanced version with a slightly shorter handle. Knives on paper look quite a bit different than they do when mocked up in wood or cardboard.

What I can do is use the belt grinder to grind straight and curved lines that are what they should be. A drawing can be scanned into a computer and then printed out to whatever size is wanted.

The pattern is then sawed, sanded or whittled to shape. The physical pattern gives me something to hold in my hand and some idea as to proportion and size. This is where needed changes become more obvious and can be made. Once the hard pattern is satisfactory, it is transferred to steel and the real work starts. I keep a lot of the hard patterns I make. Having a collection of rough models on hand gives me a head start on size proportions when I have a new design to develop. My customers furnished some of them, while others came off of knives I customized, and at least three came from broken knives.

There are lessons in all of them, both good and bad. Often, a new design comes together quicker because I have an actual handle to work from. A scanner hooked to the computer is a valuable design tool. Microsoft Publisher is not only a great program for desktop publishing projects, but also a valuable tool for resizing knife designs.

Depending on which handles of the marquee are dragged one of several ways with the computer curser, a knife in a picture can be lengthened without being widened, widened without being lengthened, or made larger or smaller proportionately. Microsoft Publisher will allow you to set up your page at any size.

Knife Making Supplies

I can then work my pattern full size and print it out. See the photo showing three sizes of the same knife printed out from Publisher. The design for the project knife is practical and simple from a construction standpoint. History is on our side because it was simple working knives that got meat from the hoof and into the kettle. And, there were all the other cutting chores required for those living close to the land.

It will employ only that which is necessary to get the work done. The drop-point blade is not only stronger but also more useful for almost every job of which I can fathom.

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The drop-point blade allows the opening cuts on game animals to be made without the point digging in.

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